Eastminster Presbyterian Church

Eastminster Presbyterian Church

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Adult Sunday School

Orchard has a variety of adult Sunday School classes during the 9 am and 10:30 am worship hour every Sunday. You are invited to join a class any time!

9:00 am

Men’s Fellowship

All Men are welcome! 

Meet in the Library

9:00 am

Got kids?

Life Group for Parents

Meet in Room 5


10:30 am

Unlock it with Prayer! Taught by Jan Denharder  

Not all prayer is the same. The Bible teaches us different ways of praying produce different results. A key will open a lock, but only the one it is keyed for. So it is with prayer. Different ways of praying are used to "unlock" different situations.  We will cover four keys to prayer.
1. Prayer of Faith
2. The Laying on of Hands
3. Prayer that Intervenes
4. Prayer that Breaks Curses

Meets in the Library at 10:30 am for 4 weeks starting August 25th