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Sonshine Preschool

About Sonshine Preschool

Sonshine Preschool was established in 1983, and continues to be a vital part of Orchard Community Church's ministry to children and families. Upon completion of a church remodeling and new buildings project, the preschool moved to new classrooms on November 1, 1999. Capable, caring teachers have led children in our loving and creative environment for over 30 years.

Our preschool is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services to care for as many as 60 preschool children per day in six classrooms. Licensing also allows for as many as 10 children in a 2-year-old program in the church nursery, but we typically limit this class to fewer children.  Sonshine Preschool is a non-profit school, not restricted because of racial or national origin, or religious preference.

Our facility number is: #561702583  

Sonshine Preschool Staff

Lou Purdy Blue Jays Teacher
Resee Jones
Flamingos Teacher
Lisa Bondy
Two-Year-Old Teacher
Annette Walters
Laura Smith
Finches Teacher
Maria Chambers
Hummingbirds Teacher
Elisa Takaya
Owls Teacher
Heidi Steinbroner
Sandpipers Teacher
Jean Callahan
Former Director
Phyllis McGrath
Office Manager/Bookkeeper
Bevery DuBransky

Teachers' Aide (M-Th) 

Sonshine Preschool Board

President Alisa Bossoletti     
Vice-president Emma Guerrero
Treasurer Rick Reynolds
Secretary Lila Basta
Church Elder Representatives

Kevin Bossoletti

Director       Annette Walters
Fundraising Coordinator
Hollie Archer



Please contact us today to visit our preschool!

Phone # (805) 647-0242

Email: sonshineinfo@orchardventura.org