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Blessed to Be A Blessing 2009 - FAQ

Projects :: FAQ

Blessed to Be a Blessing FAQ



When? Aug 30, 2009


On Sunday? Yes we will be worshipping by caring for our neighbors.



What do I do? Sign up ahead of time for a project- we have light duty activities and physically strenuous ones.

What about

my kids? Bring them along. The school sites are ideal for them. Teens will be there to look after them while you work OR they can work along side.

What do I

wear? We are providing B2BAB tshirts. Wear work gloves, jeans, closed toed shoes. Wear a hat and sunscreen. NO SANDALS

Will there

be food? Of course. We cant do church without a meal and fellowship. Lunch is provided as part of the morning. Water will be available for each team.

Is there

a sermon? The morning will go as follows:

Greeting, prayer, charge by Pastor Matt

Dismissal to your project leader

Work for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Return to EPC for a meal and fellowship

Sharing, music, dismissal.


Can I bring

a friend? Of course. Make sure your project has room for an extra or sign them up ahead of time.


How do I sign up? Look for table on patio and put your name, shirt size and email address down. Someone will be in touch.

Do we need

tools? Depending on the project, the team leader will be collecting tools for the specific need.


Is there a cost? We are hoping for 100% participation...With that we may have folks

whose view of being Gods people changes through B2BAB.

As for money, we are asking for a donation to offset expenses.



questions? Call Maureen at 794 4755 or email her at mthoutz@gmail.com